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Welcome to Masa's world! FlipFour is a game to create four pieces in a row, with the least number of pieces for a player, which is just "four!"

FlipFour is an abstract strategy game for 2 players invented by Masahiro Nakajima, the Curator of The Museum of Abstract Strategy Games, in 2016.


Board & Pieces

A 5x5 board, 4 white pieces and 4 blue pieces. See below Fig. Pieces are double-faced: A red cross is shown on one face and a black cross on another.

BoardPieces (Left-RIght map to Head-Tail)

The Red cross is for Rook, and the Black cross is for Bishop.


Initial Setup

The board starts empty. Players take all 4 pieces of her color (white or blue). White starts first.


The first player who placed her all 4 pieces in a row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) wins. 4 pieces can be Rook or Bishop, either way.

How to Play

Players take turns either placing one of her new piece on the board or moving one of her pieces already on the board.

  1. New pieces can be placed on empty cells, either Rook face up or Bishop face up.
  2. Rook moves vertically or horizontally and Bishop diagonally, for any distance as long as the targeted cell is empty, jumping other pieces, either her own or opponents’. (The red and the black cross indicate the direction.)
  3. Pieces are flipped (Rook becomes Bishop, and Bishop becomes Rook) every time it is moved.
  4. Players can move their pieces before placing all their pieces on the board.
  5. No pass is allowed.


FlipFour Manual nestorgames version

Paper Board & Pieces

Printable version is available here:

The design of the pieces have been renewed in July 2009. fileFlipFlop.pdf

The design have been renewed in December 2016. You can play 3x3, 5x5 also FlipFour (English) with single board. fileflipflop_flipfour.pdf


Copyright © Masahiro Nakajima 2016, www.nakajim.net 2016, All rights reserved.



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