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Mancala Club



What Mancala Club wanted to offer you is good brain exercise. Its key features include:

  • 5 different Mancala games available online: We have picked up world's most popular ones with unique game plays.
  • Competition for World's Mancala lovers for higher Rating Points *1
  • A completely new digital user interface of Mancala
    We have designed this extremely historical game's user interface specialized in smartphones and tablet devices. We are thrilled to offer you an opportunity for rediscovery of this ancient game as an exciting mind sport in the modern digital world!

5 Mancala Games in Mancala Club

Getting Started Mancala Club

To begin with, you should definitely know the 3 main menus you see on the Top Screen. You had a Tutorial when you started the game, but you may have skipped important part or you wanted to ask questions. Let's get started!

Seeds, and Residents in Mancala Club

Lisa, Emmy, Ken
Lisa, Emmy, and Ken live in Mancala Club. They will help you, guiding you and giving you tips.


"Seeds of Wonder" and "Seeds of the Earth" can be collected when you win or achieve certain goals in Online games. These Seeds are required to proceed the game.

幻の種大地の種-青  大地の種-緑  大地の種-赤  大地の種-黄
Seed of WonderSeeds of the Earth - 4 Colors

Mancala / Mancala - Front Page


You start Mancala games here on the front page.

On the front page, you see plenty of important functions and information. For more details, please see the Mancala Club Official Site. To select a game from Kalah, Oware, Um El Bagara, Ayoayo, and Bohnenspiel, tap "Game Settings" the bone-shaped button. To start Mancala, tap "Start!"

Don't be shy to play with some one you do not know. You will be matched with some one whose Rating Point is similar to yourself. The more you play the more accurately the Rating Point is calculated.

If you still feel awkward for Online games, select Training Mode in the Game Settings. You can learn the game rules and practice till you are perfectly comfortable.

Online Mode needs network environment, while Training Mode does not. Training Mode is pretty handy and useful to improve your skills even after you are through with learning the rules.

StartDay 1Day 2Day 3
Day 4. Harvest!

Logging-in Every Day!
If you login Mancala Club every day, you see a little plant bottom right of the front page. This plant grows and bears a fruit every 4 days. You can crop Seeds every 4 days! If you continue to login every day, the number of the reward Seeds may be increased?!



Completing varieties of Missions and collecting Animals is huge fun in Mancala Club.

You can chose a Mission and see how it is progressing here. Please also see Mission Walk-through and Mission List.

Missions are getting harder and harder as you go on, but don't be discouraged! You will be better and better and be able to complete tough ones if you try repeatedly.




Safari is an independent sub-system from Mancala: It is a digital picture book.

Were you aware that the scenery changes on the front page of Safari depends when you look at it?: Morning, daytime, evening and night… The Animals you won in Missions live in different Fields and Areas in Safari.

Also you can Sow your Seeds in Safari and win Animals and secret Fields! Complete Missions and complete your digital picture book!

Learn more about Animals here.


5 Mancala Games of Mancala Club - Rules and Strategies

The rules and strategies of the 5 Mancala games (Kalah, Oware, Ayoayo, Bohnen Spiel, Um El Bagara) in Mancala Club are in the Exhibition Room of the Museum.

TIPS: The Capturing condition of Oware, Bohnen Spiel, Um El Bagara is the number of the Seeds in the Pit where you stop sowing in your turn.

OwareBohnen SpielUm El Bagara
2, 32, 4, 62, 4

The number differs game to game... If you get confused playing, just look at the center of the board, just beneath the game title: See the numbers? 2, 3 for Oware, 2, 4, 6 for Bohnenspiel, and 2, 4 for Um El Bagara [wink]

OwareBohnen SpielUm El Bagara

House Rules of Mancala Club

In Mancala Club, several house rules are applied in order to carry out speedy games on the Internet among the players all over the world.

  1. 30 sec Time Limit for a Move (All Games / Online Mode) You will lose if you do not make a move within the 30 sec Time Limit in Online Mode.
  2. You Lose if your Network Connection is Lost (All Games / Online Mode) You lose if your network connection is lost in Online Mode. If the network connection on both ends or on server side lost, the game may results in no contest.
  3. The Player Who Captured Majority Number of Seeds Wins (All Games) The game is finished when one Player captures a majority number of Seeds. All Mancala games are finished when one Player captures a majority number of Seeds.
  4. 10 Count Rule (Oware) The game is finished and the Player who has more Seeds wins within 10 turns if no Capture occurs on both ends when the total Seeds becomes 10 or less than 10 on the board in Oware. If Capture occurs, then the 10 count starts again.



選択肢 投票
おもしろい 0  
役に立つ 0  
興味ない 0  
理解できない 0  
やってみたい 0  
食べてみたい 0  

*1 Rating is one of the most commonly used indexes to measure players' ability in Chess or Online Shogi or Igo. As evaluation goes through every match, Rating is more accurate measurement, comparing to Dan of Igo or Shogi.

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