-格五 is not 五目並べ. --  &new{2010-01-28 (木) 00:03:18};
-《靖康緗素雜記》:「乘五,至五即格不得行,故雲格五。簺,先代反。又世俗有蹙融之戲,謂以奕局取一道,人各行五棋,即所謂格五也。」 --  &new{2010-01-28 (木) 00:04:07};
-《靖康緗素雜記》:「乘五,至五即格不得行,故云格五。簺,先代反。又世俗有蹙融之戲,謂以奕局取一道,人各行五棋,即所謂格五也。」 --  &new{2010-01-28 (木) 00:04:50};
-http://zh.wikipedia.org/zh-tw/%E6%A0%BC%E4%BA%94 --  &new{2010-01-28 (木) 00:05:05};
-Thank you for your comment. We believe your point is that 格五 and 五目並べ are two different things. We do not take wikipedia as the definite authority. What we always try to do is to search for at least two or three different sources that we think make good sense to explain one thing. Would it be possible to give us some other sources? Thanks again for your kindness. --  &new{2010-02-03 (水) 01:17:43};
-You may find the mean of 格五  in 《辭海》. --  &new{2010-02-03 (水) 02:04:01};
-Or   《 漢典》.          http://www.zdic.net/cd/ci/10/ZdicE6ZdicA0ZdicBC130223.htm --  &new{2010-02-03 (水) 02:08:13};

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