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Sid Sackson
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- 初版 (1963)
- Dover Pubns; Reprint版 (1992/12)
- 他

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//This is a brilliant book by Sid Sackson. It compiles the rules for a variety of games, with the common feature that all can be played with the materials that you already have at home. Some games use cards, others use a chess or checkers set. There are a lot of paper and pencil games which are great to play while travelling.
//The games are a mixture of "forgotten" games, new games invented by friends of Sid, as well as lots of games invented by the author. Many of these games have subsequently been published in a boxed format by major companies, but this book gives you a chance to try them out at no cost.
//There are simple games, solitaire games, serious strategy games, party games for 20 or more people, and everything in-between.
//My favourites in the collection include a 2 player card game of pure skill ("Mate"), a card game that resembles Canasta but which is rather more fun ("Paks"), a scrabble-like pencil and paper game ("CrossWords"), and a game called Focus that is 2 or 4 player strategy game that weakly resembles a cross between checkers and Shogi.
//If you love games, then you should have this book. If you don't, then buying this book just might change your mind!
//First published in 1969, this book brings you 38 original games. Sid Sackson collected these games as member of the N.Y.G.A (New York Game Associates), allthough many are his own invention.
本書は、著者Sid Sackson等が、New York Game Associatesでプレーしていた古今のゲームを紹介したロングセラーです。何度も復刊されていることから、本書の価値がうかがい知れます。

本書では、カードゲームやボードゲームなど38種類のゲームを体系的に解説されています。古くから遊ばれていたものであっても忘れられかけたゲームや、Sid Sackson自身の考案である[[Focus / Domination]]などオリジナルゲームも含めて、身近なところにある道具やおもちゃを使って遊ぶ方法を紹介しています。日本ではあまり知られていないものも多く含まれています。


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