* HISTORY [#eb5da2e4]
1980年にニュージーランドのDavid Smith によって考案されました。

Traxには、世界選手権があります。世界チャンピオンのDonald Baileyは、ファイナルで敗退した1994年をのぞき、1990年から現在までずっとチャンピオンの座にあります。

過去に Colour of Strategy, Ltd., Excalibre Games, Inc., [[Gigamic]], Grapet, Heraclio, Fournier, Holdson, The United States Playing Card Company…といった数々のゲーム・パブリシャーから発売されました。

このゲームは [[参考文献/Connection Games= Variations On A Theme]]で紹介されています。	

* BOARD & PIECES [#h1cfee25]

駒だけで遊ぶ 2プレイヤー・ゲームです。
上図のような、表裏にそれぞれ違うパターンで赤線と黒線が印刷してある(片面: 赤線と黒線が垂直に交差 / もう片面: 赤線と黒線が平行に走る((オリジナルのゲームでは、後者はアーチ状の線ですが、当館では便宜上、平行線を採用しております)))駒を使用します。







//from the Trax site:
//Trax is a two player abstract strategy game of loops and lines. It can be played on any flat surface (no board): using identical square tiles with straights on one side and curves on the other.

//The rules of TRAX are simple: place tiles adjacent to those already in play such that the colours of the tracks match. The objective is to get a loop or line of your colour while attempting to stop your opponent in their colour. //What gives Trax its strategic depth is the forced play rule which allows (or even requires) multiple tiles to be played in a turn.

//from the Zillions

//Trax is a two-player game utilizing square tiles with patterns on both faces.  One face has two arcs, Black and White, each drawn as to join two sides of the tile which share a common corner.  The other face has two straight lines, Black and White, drawn as to join opposite sides of the tile.

//Each player takes turns placing tile upon the field.  After the first placed tile, all subsequent tiles must be played so that at least one side is adjacent to another tile.  Sides of adjacent tiles must align so that the colors of the connecting 'tracks' match.  
//The initial tile played on each player's turn is called the 'primary'.

//If an empty cell on the playing field has two adjacent tile whose sides present the same color of connection, the player must play an appropriate tile to this cell.  This is called a 'forced move' and is mandatory.  A forced move can result in consecutive forced moves.

//If a move result in an empty cell which has three or more adjacent tiles whose sides present the same color of connection, the primary tile of that turn and any forced move tiles must be retracted, and the player must attempt an alternate move.

//The winner is the first player to form either a loop or line of their color.  A loop is a closed path of any shape.  A line is a path which joins opposite and outermost edges of the played tiles over at least eight cells, across or down.  A player may actually win by an opponent's move.  If winning formations result for both Black and White are completed in the same turn, the player who preformed the moves is the winner.

//Trax is an infinite game. It can be played with an infinite number of tiles upon an infinite surface.  But for the purpose of this implementation, it has been restricted to a 21x21 field with only 128 tiles.  This would be similar to playing the game on a card table with two sets.

//The first tile of the game must be played to the marked cell in the middle of the field.  In order to retract moves, the player uses as necessary the Back Up One Move button on the toolbar.  Drop a tile upon the field by clicking on the desired space, the diagrams to the right of the field are for the purpose of reference.

* GOAL [#ua6dfcbb]
+ ループができる
+ 水平方向、もしくは垂直方向に8マスの幅連続した線を描く




* STRATEGY [#o3569286]

* VARIANTS [#y6f2eb81]

** LoopTrax [#o6cbe2a4]

** Connexion [#z9ae8477]
5x5のボード上で、[[BOARD & PIECES>#h1cfee25]]の右側の駒(平行線((オリジナルではループ線)))のみの駒を使用して遊びます。


* NOTES [#web1289e]

* SEE ALSO [#t3e079dd]

- [[Traxオフィシャル・サイト>http://www.traxgame.com/index.php]]
- [[BoardGameGeek>http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/748/trax]]




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