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* History [#zdfefe4b]
''Honey Donuts'' was invented by Masahiro Nakajima, the Curator of 'The Museum of Abstract Strategy Games', in 2011.

** Background of the Game Design [#z313e021]
Masahiro was trying to create a new game with %%%"push-out"%%% motif, such as [[abalone]], [[TRABOULET / KUBA / AKIBA]], [[Siam]], [[Oshi]], [[Glass Pearl Game>徳永英司の世界]] at someone's request. He first came up with a very unique shaped board: A hex board which has a whole in the center. It is a torus structure board composed of honeycomb cells. He named the board ''Honey Donuts,'' and decided to call the first game using this board the same.

Masahiro is planning to create a series of ''Honey Donut'' games as the board has very unique characteristics as a game board.

//このゲームは、ある依頼によって、[[abalone]]、[[TRABOULET / KUBA / AKIBA]]、[[Siam]]、[[Oshi]]、[[Glass Pearl Game>徳永英司の世界]]などのような%%%押し出す%%%をモチーフに設計したゲームです。

* BOARD & PIECES [#n7d57b82]
#ref(./honeydonuts_2setup.png,right,around,nolink,Honey Donuts)
Red, blue and white pieces are initially placed on a ''Honey Donut'' board (See right.).
The red and blue piece which has marked in the middle are the ''King'' pieces.

Players choose red or blue as his/her color.
Red will start the game.

Players move their pieces in their turn following rules:
+ 自分の色の駒がある、Hexマスの辺が隣接した一連のマス上の駒全部を一つずつ一方向に移動させます。自分の色の駒が乗っている線上であれば、移動はどちらの向きでも構いません。
+ With the move, one piece is pushed out from the board. The pushed out piece is placed in the cell that the 移動によって一つの駒がはみ出します。はみ出した駒は、移動によってあいたマスにおきます。''King''は外に押し出されるとゲームが終了しますので、ボードに戻すことはありません。
+ 相手の直前の手番で移動させた方向を、逆戻しする手は選択できません。
-- 厳密なルールでは、同じプレーヤーの手番で、同じ局面が出現する手は指せないとすると、千日手による引き分けを避けることができます。この場合、''King''以外の2つの駒は、もともと右にあったものか左にあったものかを区別しません。&br;以前に出現した局面を記録しておかないと、数手前の状態が同じかどうか判定するのが難しいこともありますので、簡便的ルールとして直前の手に戻すことを禁じます。
+ パスはできません。
|&ref(./honeydonuts_3move1.png,nolink,Honey Donuts);  &ref(./honeydonuts_3move2.png,nolink,Honey Donuts); &br;&br;&ref(./honeydonuts_3move3.png,nolink,Honey Donuts);  &ref(./honeydonuts_3move4.png,nolink,Honey Donuts);|

* GOAL [#zda00a39]
#ref(./honeydonuts_3check.png,right,around,nolink,Honey Donuts in check)

* NOTE [#w986528f]
Copyright © Masahiro Nakajima 2011, www.nakajim.net 2011, All rights reserved.

- We CAN play without white pieces, but "pushing-the-line" feeling can hardly be achieved without them...

- More ''Honey Donut'' games and puzzles are coming soon. Look out for them!

** Special Thanks [#g9b2d562]
We would like to express our thanks to Satoshi Shimpuku at Irvine Systems, Inc. who has devoted much time to test play and balance adjustment of the game. 

** Download [#p30b6337]
- &aname(Download);Paper Board &ref(honeydonuts_board.pdf);
Printable Honey Donut board is available here. Coins can be used for pieces for example with the board.

* SEE ALSO [#fa40c0a2]
* Feedback [#qc5b20a2]

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