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* [[Varanasi]] The World Championship 2016 [#y83fc0b8]
We are pleased to announce "[[Varanasi]] The World Championship 2016" will be held.

The details will come soon...

The bellows are under construction. The contents are in fake. ⌣



** Rules [#ce75833e]
-All matches will be ranked.
-In the tournaments the organizer can decide to use round robin or swiss systems.
-If the player wins; 4 points, if he gets a draw, 2 and if he loses 1 point.
-All of us we would try to promote the game in our country. We would try to find new groups in other countries of Europe or Asia.
-プレーヤーは 勝ったら4 点、引き分けでは 2 点、負けたら 1 点を獲得する。

** Latest Results [#d4ef455e]

Hipotetic situation: We have played a tournament with 8 players. We have used the swiss system.

*** 1st round [#b5987dd6]
''Location :'' Pais Vasco, España
''Date :'' 2016/8/27
|Egoitz Campo|1-0|Imanol García|
|Masahiro Nakajima|1-0|Ander López|
|Tomoko Otoshi|1-0|Lisandra Cruz|
|Nerea Urkijo|1-1|Yadira Carreño|

*** 2nd round [#sf74a341]
''Location :'' Pais Vasco, España
''Date :'' 2016/8/27
|Masahiro Nakajima|1-0|Egoitz Campo|
|Tomoko Otoshi|1-1|Nerea Urkijo|
|Imanol García|1-0|Ander López|
|Lisandra Cruz|1-0|Yadira Carreño|

*** 3rd round [#be63adf1]
''Location :'' Pais Vasco, España
''Date :'' 2016/8/27
|Masahiro Nakajima|1-0|Tomoko Otoshi|
|Egoitz Campo|1-0|Lisandra Cruz|
|Nerea Urkijo|1-0|Imanol García|
|Ander López|1-0|Yadira Carreño|

* Current World Ranking [#m1e828b6]
|Rank.|Player Name|Matches|Win|Draw|Defeat|Points|Country|h
|1|Masahiro Nakajima|3|3|0|0|12|Japan|
|2|Egoitz Campo|3|2|0|1|9|Basque Country|
|3|Nerea Urkijo|3|1|1|1|7|Basque Country|
|4|Tomoko Otoshi|3|1|1|1|7|Japan|
|5|Imanol García|3|1|0|2|6|Basque Country|
|6|Lisandra Cruz|3|1|0|2|6|Basque Country|
|7|Ander López|3|1|0|2|6|Basque Country|
|8|Yadira Carreño|3|0|1|2|3|Basque Country|

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