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Varanasi The World Championship 2016

We are pleased to announce "Varanasi The World Championship 2016" has been started.



Latest Results

Hipotetic situation: We have played a tournament with 8 players. We have used the swiss system.

1st round

Location : Tokyo, Japan Date : 2016/9/17

# of players
2Masahiro Nakajima1-0Yoshiaki Tokita
4Masahiro Nakajima & Tchié Tokoro0 - 1Kimero Miyamoto & Yuuki Doi

2nd round

 2016 December Game in Basque

 2016 December Game in Basque

 2016 December Game in Basque

 2016 December Game in Basque  2016 December Game in Basque

Location : Pais Vasco, España Date : 2016/12/3

2 Player Game

1Egoitz Campo1-0Imanol García
2Egoitz Campo1-0Darlyn Mendoza
3Darlyn Mendoza1-0Egoitz Campo
4Egoitz Campo1-0Darlyn Mendoza
5Josu Miranda1-0Egoitz Campo
6Josu Miranda1-0Egoitz Campo
7Egoitz Campo1-0Josu Miranda
8Egoitz Campo1-0Nerea Urkijo
9Ivan Barcina1-0Maite Urkijo

3 Player Game

1Mayra SanchezEgoitz CampoJosu Miranda

4 Player Game

1Imanol García and Egoitz Campo1-0Mayra Sánchez and Josu Miranda

Current World Ranking

2 Player Game

Rank.Player NameMatchesWinDrawDefeatPointsCountry
1Egoitz Campo850323Basque Country
2Josu Miranda32019Basque Country
3Darlyn Mendoza31026Basque Country
4Masahiro Nakijama11004Japan
5Ivan Barcina11004Basque Country
6Yoshiaki Tokita10011Japan
7Nerea Urkijo10011Basque Country
8Imanol García10011Basque Country
9Maite Urkijo10011Basque Country

3 Player Game

Rank.Player NameMatchesWinDrawDefeatPointsCountry
1Mayra Sánchez11004Basque Country
2Egoitz Campo10011Basque Country
3Josu Miranda10011Basque Country

4 Player Game

Rank.Player NameMatchesWinDrawDefeatPointsCountry
1Kimero Miyamoto11004Japan
2Yuuki Doi11004Japan
3Imanol García11004Basque Country
4Egoitz Campo11004Basque Country
5Masahiro Nakijama00011Japan
6Tchié Tokoro00011Japan
7Josu Miranda00011Basque Country
8Mayra Sánchez00011Basque Country

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