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* shogi perfecto at The SHOGI BAR [#ec26b927]

2016/11/19 Visited The Shogi Bar [[The SHOGI BAR (SHOGI BAR)>SHOGI BAR 新宿店訪問]] in Shinjuku to introduce shogi perfecto to my friend Hassi (Hashimoto 8-Dan, a top shogi professional player) &bigsmile;

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&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/01.jpg, The entrance of the building, 108x192, making};&br;
[[※Previous report>SHOGI BAR 新宿店訪問]]&br;
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/03.jpg, Let's go in!, 108x192, making};
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/04.jpg, Taking perfecto out of the Nestor original carrying bag, 192x108, making};
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/05.jpg, Wow&comma; cool box!, 192x108, making};
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/06.jpg, Ok&comma; this is the board. Oh&comma; I love this plaid pattern, 192x120, making};
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/07.jpg, Let's play!, 192x108, making};&br;
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/08.jpg, Which one is which? Oh&comma; I see&comma; the shapes indicate the moves... comments Hassi placing the pieces with Ohashi Style, 192x108, making};&br;
[[※Ohashi Style>将棋の駒の並べ方]]&br;
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/09.jpg, Oh&comma; Amari-Fu! Hmmm I love it!, 108x192, making};
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/10.jpg, Ok&comma; let's play. Hassi goes first. &ldquo;Nana-Roku-Fu... Hmmm I get always nervous with my first move...&rdquo;, 192x108, making};
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/11.jpg, I go Yagura, 192x108, making};
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/12.jpg, Yagura is not my style when second player but oh well it is the pure literature of shogi. Why not? I should go Yagura as well for nice pictures, 192x108, making};
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/13.jpg, Am I doing all right...?, 192x108, making};
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/14.jpg, I thought this was only for a few nice photos and we stop playing but, 192x108, making};
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/15.jpg, The game progresses, 192x108, making};
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/16.jpg, 2 Gins in the middle, 192x108, making};
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/17.jpg, Then Hisha!, 192x108, making};
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/18.jpg, Kaku promoted! Continuous attacks, 192x108, making};
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/19.jpg, &ldquo;Mairimashita (I resign).&rdquo; &ldquo;Already?&rdquo;, 192x108, making};
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/20.jpg, &ldquo;This is really neat. I can easily carry it in my bag. A bigger version should be nice for overseas market for those who are familiar with chess.&rdquo; Thanks for your warm comments&comma; Hassi!, 192x108, making};
&lightbox{image/shogi_perfecto_in_shogi_bar/21.jpg, In the end:Tsume-shogi Today, 192x108, making};

The visit had been reported to Néstor in Zaragoza.

Hassi is really a different person when playing shogi! I was soooo nervous&worried;

Hassi's extra ordinary abilities are really beyond human: He solved super hard Tsume-shogi problems just in the blink of an eye. He achieved a super human level with shogi, that is only achieved after %%%full devotion%%% of his precious childhood and youth to one thing: Shogi.

The meeting was extremely fruitful. I was very much inspired for the next production.

Visit SHOGI BAR! ''At The SHOGI BAR, you can touch and play shogi perfecto now.''

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Copyright © Masahiro Nakajima 2016, www.nakajim.net 2016, All rights reserved.

:Special Thanks|Tchié Tokoro, [[José Manuel Astilleros García-Monge>Game Designers#hddfdc4a]]

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