inpHeXion is a connection game invented by Masahiro Nakajima, the Curator of 'The Museum of Abstract Strategy Games' in 2014, in the motif of growth of fungus.


Board & Pieces

inpHeXion is a two-player game.

inpHeXion 7x7 board
7x7 board

A Hex board (7x7*1) is used for the game. Discs are placed on cells of the board.

Two players have either 25 white or black discs as his own color. White starts the game.

Game Play

Players take turns to place one of his discs in hand on the board. No pass is allowed.

The first player (white) picks any cell on the board and places his first disc there.

Pie Rule can be applied.

Basic Placement Rule
Discs can be placed only on the cells where opponents' discs are, except of the very first move of the first player. Players move one of opponents' Discs to one of next empty cells, then place one of his discs in hand on the cell that he just emptied. Discs cannot be moved if all of their next cells are occupied.

regular movemove an opponent's disc
Black moves a white disc
to an adjacent cell
Black places a black disc where he just emptied

When a player A's disc surrounded by player B's discs as a result of player B's move (Corners of the board can be used as well)
Player B picks the player A's disc that he just surrounded with his own discs, moves it to any empty cell on the board, and finishes his turn.

White moves a black discWhite place a white disc where his enemy disc wasWhite moves the black disc that is surrounded by white
White moves a black disc.White surrounds a black.White moves the black disc that is surrounded by white.
  • A surrounded disc is obligatorily moved to another cell.
  • A group of two or more surrounded discs are not moved.
  • A disc is not moved when it is surrounded by opponents' discs as a result of his own move.
  • If multiple isolated enemy discs are surrounded simultaneously, all of them must be moved to empty cells. Note that none of the starting cells can be used as destination cells.
    White moves a bloackWhite surrounds two blacks separatelyWhite moves both the blacks
    White moves a black disc to an adjacent cellthen places a White disc, making two black discs to be fully surrounded simultaneouslythen moves both discs elsewhere
    Two enemy discs together
    Those 2 black discs are not moved

End of the Game

When there is no legal move left for either player, or when one of the players' discs connect two opposite sides of his color of the board.


The player that connected two opposite sides of his color of the board first wins. Note that you lose if you happen to complete your opponents' connection with your own move. Also, the player who has no legal moves left loses.

Moving the enemy disc to an empty cell after surrounding is mandatory: There are cases no empty cells left for this toward the end of a game. If you cannot move the surrounded disc(s), you lose the game.

End of a game
An Example of End Game (White Won)


Play with a Neutral Piece

  • Place the "Neutral Disc" (one white and one black piece stacked) in the center cell of the board.
  • The Neutral Disc will can be removed from where it is to place either black or white piece in her turn.
  • The first move of the white will start from the center cell replacing the Neutral Disc.
  • The Neutral Disc also needs to be moved to another cell when it is surrounded by either color.
  • The Neutral Disc is NOT counted for a winning condition to connect opposite sides.
  • Other rules are the same as the original game.


Copyright © Masahiro Nakajima 2014, www.nakajim.net 2014, All rights reserved.


  • AiAi A great multi-game platform by Stephen Tavener. You can play many games on AiAi with Java environment. inpHeXion is also available with various sizes of boards.


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*1 7x7 has been chosen as official board

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