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shogi perfecto at The SHOGI BAR

2016/11/19 Visited The Shogi Bar The SHOGI BAR (SHOGI BAR) in Shinjuku to introduce shogi perfecto to my friend Hassi (Hashimoto 8-Dan, a top shogi professional player) [bigsmile]

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※Ohashi Style

The visit had been reported to Néstor in Zaragoza.

Hassi is really a different person when playing shogi! I was soooo nervous [worried]

Hassi's extra ordinary abilities are really beyond human: He solved super hard Tsume-shogi problems just in the blink of an eye. He achieved a super human level with shogi, that is only achieved after full devotion of his precious childhood and youth to one thing: Shogi.

The meeting was extremely fruitful. I was very much inspired for the next production.

Visit SHOGI BAR! At The SHOGI BAR, you can touch and play shogi perfecto now.


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Tchié Tokoro, José Manuel Astilleros García-Monge



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